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PureYoga Teacher Training Course

First European PureYoga 200 Hours Teacher Training Course with Yogi Charu

17th August – 7th September 2015

First time in Europe 200h YogaAlliance Certified Teacher Training Course with famous Yogi Charu by the most renowned Yoga school of US, Australia and Asia Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

Prices (including accommodation and vegan cuisine):

2650 Euro (shared room)
3150 Euro (double room)
3600 Euro (single room)

Special 20% YogaExpo discount till 15.06

In this training you will learn:

6 Sun Salutation Kriyas
Classical Hatha Yoga Asanas – from beginners to advanced
Vastra Dhauti – cloth swallowing
Jala and Sutra Neti– Nasal cleanse with water and with thread
Tratak– Candle Gazing
Japa Yoga – Chantng Sacred sounds with Mala(beads)
Chakra Dharana – Tantrik Chakra Meditation
Shankalaprakshana – Colon Washing and Fasting
Anuloma Viloma Pranayama – Psychic Nadi Shodhana
Yoga Nidra – Art of Conscious Relaxation
Advance Yogic Bandhas and Mudras – Locks and Gestures to aid in Stilling the Prana and the Mind
Havan– Yogic Fire Ritual for purification
Tattwa Shuddhi – Purifying the 5 elements of the body; earth, water, fire, air, ether

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