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Indra Singh

Connecting with Our Sunshine being (auf English)
Workshop mit Indra Singh (London)

We are naturally, peace, light, truth and Love.
We all hold the essence of the Sun inside our being.
The Sun is the largest and most superior planet in the universe and according to Jyotish tradition by acknowledging the Sun within us we can be free from dis-ease, poverty and fulfill all cherished desires.
The Sun represents a powerful energy that is positive, steady and courageous.
Through this practice Indra will work by using the basics of Surya Namaskara to help open the body. Through her own variations on the sun prayer she will Encourage you to listen to what the body requires without stress or strain. As the sun re-news and assists with growth this practice will allow you to just that through conscious awareness.

About Indra:
From the age of 17 I have been studying yoga. It has always been a passion of mine and since starting my Yoga journey I have felt an extra connection to my practice through my ancestral roots. I feel having a Punjabi father and being brought up learning the basics of the Indian traditions it has been a true blessing that I am lucky to have experienced throughout my life.

I went on to further my training to become a Yoga teacher, studying with the Bwy and then moving on to Astanga Vinyasa Yoga – a more powerful physical practice. From there I studied for over three years with Sonia Sumar in Brazil and the USA, training in integral yoga (Swami Satchidananda) and Yoga for the special child. Once I had completed this I began to increase my own practice and create my daily Sadhana.

As well as being a mother of 2 children.

5 years ago I trained as a Kundalini yoga teacher (as taught by Yogi Bhajan). This form of yoga has transformed many aspects of my life as well as the lives of the beautiful souls I am lucky to teach.

With a strong background in dance I love to introduce the mix between dance and yoga, especially in the classes I teach with children. Mixing yoga with dance creates a sensation of total peace and harmony and adds a beautiful contemporary feel. The two disciplines mix so well together.

I dedicate the majority of my Yoga journey to teaching Children of all ages but especially those between the ages of 5-17 years within school situations and through private sessions. I believe that Yoga should be more accessible to the younger generation as they thrive from all It’s many aspects and more importantly it helps to give them the coping tools necessary for life.

I currently work with vulnerable adults who suffer from alcoholism, depression, various drug addictions and eating disorders.

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