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Denys (Gauranga) Levinskyy

Denys is a founder and CEO of YogaExpo. He was born in 1977 in Donetsk, Ukraine.

After graduating from Donetsk Technical University in 1999 he moved to Kiev where he became interested in and started learning and practicing different styles of yoga.

About the same time he decides to change his lifestyle to a more sattvic and meaningful to pursue higher values of life. He becomes vegetarian and learns Ayurvedic cooking, and shortly after starts giving cooking classes in Kiev.

Although keeping regular practice of asanas, Denys decides seriously dedicate himself to pursuing the pass of Bhakti and in 2000 becomes a monk in Gaudiya Vaisnava Bhakti tradition.

In 2001 he moves to Germany and from that time on he travels extensively in Europe and India learning and teaching ancient Vedic scriptures and living the life of ascetic. Special emphasis of his studies centers around the art of Kirtan – devotional and prayerful glorification of the Lord.

Denys was learning singing and musical instruments from renowned sadhus and musicians in India and spends a lot of time practicing and doing Kirtan.

He left the asram in the middle 2009 but continues his travels, learning and teaching, though travels has slightly reduced due to the family responsibilities.


2009 Starts YogaExpo in Munich which since then becomes a joyous ‘come together’ of many yogis across Germany and Europe.

2011 Co-founds and co-organizes major Kirtan festival Kirtan Mela in Mayapur, India

2013 Starts VeggieFair as a counterpart to YogaExpo. Since 2013 both run together.

2013 Founds Kiran Academy – first institution in the world that is exclusively dedicated to systematically educate students in the art of Kirtan.

2014 Founds and co-directs Kiran Foundation – global organisation aimed at facilitating Kirtan movement all over the world.

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